Monday, December 13, 2010

Hypertension @ High Blood Pressure

13 December2010
Just arrived from WMKK, Sepang, Selangor…
Just finish my semester break on Friday
Today I will start ‘fortnight plus2’ holiday after 18week on Aviation Study for Semester 3
Just arrived in Kelantan at 2145
Before came back I just get a bad news from my family that my granny was on General Hospital because of high blood pressure..
High blood pressure or hypertension increases your chance (or risk) for getting heart disease and/or kidney disease, and for having a stroke. It is especially dangerous because it often has no warning signs or symptoms. Regardless of race, age, or gender, anyone can develop high blood pressure. It is estimated that one in every four American adults has high blood pressure. Once high blood pressure develops, it usually lasts a lifetime. So please be aware my friend. You can prevent and control high blood pressure by taking some action.
You can take steps to prevent high blood pressure by adopting a healthy lifestyle. These steps include maintaining a healthy weight; being physically active, following a healthy eating plan, that emphasizes fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy foods; choosing and preparing foods with less salt and sodium and if you drink alcoholic beverages, drinking in moderation.

From airport, using a vector route, I am heading to hospital..i need to stay there for tonight..
Before, I have experience on this,,
I mean staying at hospital for about a month looking for my dad on CCU..

For 14 December I need to meet my was a long time for not being with them
I miss them so much..
PJ n M10 n CarlCulus!
See you later! hehehe

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Silly Mistake!! DAMN!!

Today is a boring day!!
After finishing my final exam..days become ‘blurr’
Plan that I’ve plan have been cancel for today..huhu
I feel so lucky to have my sahabat2!
Ezani, Iqlam, Paan, Syamil
They fulfill my day!!
Thanks my fellas..

I realize it for a long time ago about one thing..
I don’t want to share this with anyone even with her
I know that what I’ve think is perfectly correct in this case..
My mood descending right now..
Now I realize that I am right with all my ‘negatively thinking’ is right..
Why I am so disturbed with this thing???
You have done a wrong bank transaction!!
Your SILLY mistake EQBAL!!
Money flies away from you!!