Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Runway  328L..clear for study
Throttle full..V1,Vr,V2..
Negative!! tet3,,my tooth was hurts!!arghhh!!!
Spoil btul..
I’ve been ready for study since last week but now it is negative..

My runway 328L..hehe

Actually, I want to share about  “kebesaran Allah SWT”..
That I’ve saw frequently during my route from WMKC @ KBR to  WMKK @KLIA..
Illegally, I snap this photo during airborne is not recommended to do this for public but since I’ve learn about navigation and communication on an aircraft I use it in a legal way..and I am truly not disturbing the path of the wave of communication and navigation signal of that aircraft ok..haha

Before taxiing at parking bay WMKC

Just after takeoff (after V2,positive state)
*positive-indicates that the pilot can see the nose was up and a/c is airborne based on earth horizon

As you can see the front side wing is retracted..
It was SLATS..a secondary control that increase camber surface area in order to increase the lift of that flying machine due to increase of angle of attack(angle between chord line of airfoil and relative wind)..
If this devices are not installed, I think that we are “7 feet below and 3 feet wide” as my lecturer , Mr Rashidi said..hahaha..the only lecture that we can laugh together using English words..hahahaha

Wing experience compression stress during flying
   Clouds..i love it..awesome

We can see the keAgungan Allah SWT
The clouds..layer of clouds..lots of keEsaan Allah SWT|we can see..SUBHANALLAH

This route was during my study week..i came back from my home to MIAT  for my final examination..
This is the best landing ever I’ve ever smoothly landed by our captain at KLIA @ LCCT..
I salute the Indian pilot for this smooth landing..

LCCT parking bay

A memorable journey for me..