Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hi Guys,
lamanya tak update blog..hehhee..I’ve just face the busiest moment for this semester in this forghtnight. 

Fourth of May,at Sg Besi Airport @ Simpang @ WMKF, with my friend, Wan Razi, A Private Pilot License holder and me spending time for something that we love. I am so so so lucky to gain this rare experience which actually only a pilot can get.

 Pilot wan and me

This is a very2 special trip for me since I love flying. Walaupun ni first time nak fly dengan aircraft kecil (Cessna 172) yang unfamiliar ngan stabilitynya during flight ..Oh God.. I am so exited. Bukan senang nk fly mcm ni..hehhee..Firstly, I would like to give my special thanks to Wan Razi, a PPL holder and my MIAT’s mates who bring me there.

First in the morning Wan come to invite me. We just reach there in just 15 minutes. Alhamdulillah, the weather is perfectly suitable for the aircraft giving the highest performance and with visibility greater than 20 miles which very2 good.
After arrive and settling all the form stuff, wan brought me to the tarmac area. He teaches me how to do a pre flight inspection

Firstly, remove fuel contamination before check the flap hinges, whether it’s in good condition or not. Then check the aileron for the attachment of safety pin is armed or not. Check the wing tip surface then wing leading edge for cracks or other fatigue sign. Then remove the pitot tube ‘sock’ and check the fuel tank to make sure the amount of fuel is enough for purpose of flying. Move to the nose section for propeller check for cracks or fatigue sign. The same must be inspected for starboard side of aircraft. Lastly remove the choke before enter the aircraft.

Entering the aircraft, doing the checklist procedure before communicate with the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). Seriously I am so impressed with him handling the communication and aircraft..
After takeoff we head to Sg Long, Kajang which is their training area since the next day is the flight test for our pilot with DCA. Flight brings me to feel lots of emergency procedure which mean that pilot will take action based on this procedure when in case of emergency.

Some procedure I’ve experienced :
·         Steep Turn (30-40 degree)
·         Stall (lost of lift) and recovery
·         Engine failure and gliding
·         Out of control recovery

Stall and engine failure is the most exciting parts..hahahhaa
That guy is a captain..the instructor..he is a good young instructor..


Out of control recovery is the most dangerous. Here I can feel the G-Force (gravity force) acting on me. It is about 3.5G to 4G. That’s mean 3.5 to 4 times my bodyweight acting on my body and head. From what I search from the internet G-Force will makes our blood run away from our brain and makes we will feel a little bit of unconsciousness. I can feel the effect of G-Force, it force my tummy harshly. hahaha.

It’s time for us to land at Simpang Airport. Pilot contacted tower to get clearance for landing. We land safely. 


Rest for a while and we had a can of 100plus. Then, its time for Wan for flying solo. Me as a cameraman, filming the video of him flying solo. He lends me the walkie-talkie to hear their communications. He does some circuit (take off, go around the airport, touch and go and full stop landing).

A SPECIAL THANKS go WAN RAZI for this experience.

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